Take Extra Precautions When Daylight Savings Time Ends

The clocks moving back this weekend may give us more sunlight during those morning commutes, but getting dark earlier in the afternoon means decreased visibility in the evenings. It’s important for everyone to stay alert during these darker hours, so here are some tips for increasing safety.

  • Bicyclists.
    • Make yourself visible by avoiding dark clothing.
    • Wear reflective material.
    • Place reflective tape or stickers on your bike.
    • Have lights on your bike according to the law (white headlight on the front, red reflector on the rear).
    • Ride with traffic on the streets. Don’t assume anyone can see you.
  • Pedestrians.
    • Dress to be seen. Avoid dark clothing.
    • Carry a flashlight.
    • Don’t assume anyone can see you.
    • Cross at signaled intersections and marked crosswalks whenever possible.
  • Drivers.
    • Avoid distracted driving. Georgia is a hands-free state, so cell phones should not be in your hands while driving.
    • Activities like eating, drinking, putting on makeup, or talking to other passengers can increase the risk of a crash.
    • Be aware. You’re sharing the road with other drivers, as well as bicyclists and pedestrians.
    • Be cautious when driving near parked cars.

The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has additional information on pedestrian and bicycle safety on their website. For pedestrian safety click here. For bicycle safety, click here.