Slip and Fall Law in Savannah. GA

Slip and Fall law is a cousin of Personal Injury laws that refers to any incident where an individual falls to the ground as a result of a preventable obstruction or other cause while on someone’s property that is not their own. The term ‘slip and fall’ is really an overgeneralized one when it comes to the types of accidents this law covers. Any time someone encounters and unsafe condition under foot that causes them to twist, stumble, or overextend a part of their body can qualify as a slip and fall case. Do you think you have a qualifying incident that recently occurred in Savannah? Joseph J. Steffen Jr. can help. As a local attorney that specializes in this area of law – a free consultation with him is the next best step.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Cases

  • Was your incident caused by a preventable obstruction, occurrence, or state of floor or building itself?
  • Was your incident due to a temporary oversight by an employee or tenant, or rather the result of long term negligence by the property owners and/or managers?
  • What is the severity of your injury? To what extent does it impact your day to day life?

The answers to these question will determine the strength of your claims when it comes to prosecuting a slip and fall case in the court of law. Establishing a clear chain of code violations and failures to comply with city and state ordinance will go a long way towards proving the negligence on the part of the property. Its true that people will sometime fall or trip of their own accord, and it is no one’s fault but their own – but there are other times when a fall is not the fault of the individual and can be traced back to a systemic failure of the building itself – and that is worth prosecuting.

Slip and Fall Settlements

  • Were there other personal factors that attributed to your incident, or the severity of your resulting injury?
  • To what extent was the property reasonably aware of the unsafe conditions?
  • Is there video or surveillance evidence that will support your claim?

Cases of slip and fall are often settled out of court as the evidence begins to pile up and be disputed on both sides. While there may be some fault with the property, there may also be some fault with the individual. For example, if they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident, or if a pre-existing medical condition caused the injury itself to be more severe and have greater damaging impact – then it is simply not fair to place the entirety of the blame on the property. Many cases that start out with strong accusatory evidence end up settling out of court when the counter evidence of the plaintiff’s own personal life and behavior come into play. If you think you may have a viable slip and fall case – proceed with the backing of an experienced attorney like Joseph J. Steffen Jr.

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