Helmets Reduce Head Injuries and Deaths from Bicycle Crashes

In August, a Savannah couple experienced what no parent should ever have to endure — a bicycle accident that could have killed their young daughter.

Luckily, their little girl survived the incident, but it prompted the family to adopt a new mission that’s helpful to the local bicycle community: teaching children (and adults) to wear helmets. According to Savannah Morning News’ article Scary bike accident sends parents on mission for safety published August 12, 2019, the family has already provided helmets to children, and they intend to start a nonprofit to continue those efforts.

I am an advocate for wearing helmets, and the safety information in the article is helpful since helmets can reduce the risk of severe brain injuries by 88%.

  1. Find the right helmet size and fit. Ensure you and your family have helmets that are the right size and fit. Helmets should meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s standards. For children, letting them pick out a helmet they like will increase the likelihood they will wear them every time.
  2.  Ensure each rider knows how to put their helmet on correctly. Helmet straps should always be buckled (but not too tightly), and the helmet should not rock forward, backward, or side to side.
  3. Visit a local bike shop for help with helmet size and fit. There are many reputable bicycle shops in town who will happily help you purchase a helmet. If you’ve already purchased a helmet, those shops will help you ensure the fit is proper for all members of your family. Most owners and employees of those shops are avid cyclists themselves and understand the importance of helmet safety.

I am grateful that this local family’s little girl is safe and unharmed following their vacation incident. I’m further grateful that they are using their experience to help others. Bicycle safety is important.

I am not a medical professional. All information in this blog is based on my experience handling bicycle injury cases, as well as being an avid cyclist myself. For medical opinions, please seek the advice of a physician.