Cycling Hit and Run Victims Can Still Seek Recovery

Under Georgia law, the victim of cycling hit and run incidents can (and should) seek recovery from the uninsured motorists provisions of their own insurance — or the policy of someone in their home. This is something most people are surprised to hear, since insurance companies don’t often broadcast these protections.

I spoke with John Bennett of Bike Walk Savannah several years ago on this topic for his article Nightmare Scenario: What to do if you’re hit by a car while riding your bike. Following a hit and run accident, calling the police is essential, but bike riders are often at a disadvantage because vehicle drivers often have the attention of the police officer (especially if the bike rider is injured and unable to present their side of the story).

Too many folks see bicycles as a nuisance … these people can often be the same emergency personnel taking the reports and even the jury panels in those cases. It’s important to speak with an attorney to know your rights. You can call me at (912) 999-8443, or reach me through my secure online form to receive a free consultation on your specific incident.

This article appeared in an August 2018 issue of Connect Savannah