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Although bicycles are an efficient, healthy, and active means of transportation, using one on the road comes with risks  (like all vehicles). If you have been in an incident involving a bicycle and aren’t sure where to begin – we can help! Joseph J. Steffen Jr is an avid cyclist who specializes in local bicycle law. Call or message us for a free consultation.

Common Bicycle Related Questions

  • Have you been in an accident that involved both a bicycle and a motor vehicle?
  • Were you recently injured while riding a bicycle on a roadway?
  • Have you been charged with reckless driving involving a bicyclist?

Answering these questions are the first steps to deciding how to approach your case. If you aren’t sure about the answers, we can help with that too. Understanding the local bicycle laws and how they apply to your situation can make all the difference when it comes to a potential court case. Even if you are technically the one at fault, there are varying degrees of responsibility that take outside factors into account.

Bicycle Injuries

  • Were there outside factors that caused or contributed to this injury? How so?
  • Were you riding within a legal bicycle lane or bike path at the time of injury?
  • Has your injury prevented you from being able to live a normal independent life?

For anyone looking to press charges or to defend a charge related to a bicycle injury – the details are everything. For example, things like riding in a construction zone at the time of injury, suffering a separate medical event while riding, or some other road obstruction or occurrence could have contributed to the injury-causing incident and are all valid factors to consider in a legal case.

Reckless Driving & Bicyclists

  • What kind of vehicle were you driving when the incident occurred?
  • Did it result in any injuries to you or the other party? If so, how severe?
  • Was either party under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident?

Whether you were the bicyclist or the driver of a car, bus, truck, etc. during an incident like this, there is room for error on all sides. Reckless driving may be a misdemeanor, but it is not something anyone wants on their record – just as bicyclists want to share the road in peace with their motorized friends. Noting the presence of drugs or alcohol in the system of either party plays a significant role in determining fault for cases like these, and this can include prescription medication as well.

Being aware of your rights on the road will help in forming a viable prosecution or defense. If you are still not sure about the strength of your claims, give us a call for a free consultation so we can help to determine your next steps.

Joe is an active cyclist, has ridden in both France and Italy, serves on the Savannah Bicycle Campaign, and donates to safe cycling initiatives. His focus and passion is for safe cycling for you and your family here in the Southeast knowing the challenges of working with police officers on their reports and picking an unbiased jury panel at trial that will understand a cyclists right to SHARE THE ROAD.

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